marți, 18 august 2009

Expansionismul american, la final (partea I)

Două evenimente se produc ciudat de simultan şi cu un conţinut interesant de asemănător.

17 august 2009: Obama ţine un discurs în faţa veteranilor americani care au luptat în "Foreign Wars". Veterani de alt tip nu au, fiindcă nu s-au bucurat de ocazia unor războaie de apărare a propriului lor teritoriu. Încă.
17 august 2009: profesorul Joseph Nye, Jr., de la Harvard, promotorul conceptului de "soft-power" după care se ghidează, în prezent, politica externă a lui Obama, dă un interviu în Der Spiegel.

Ce a rostit, printre altele, Obama de la tribună:

1. O ia, la început mai pe ocolite, cu un compliment la adresa veteranilor, şi le zice că "It's not the powerful weapons that make our military the strongest in the world. It's not the sophisticated systems that make us the most advanced. The true strength of our military lies in the spirit and skill of our men and women in uniform."

2. Apoi, devine mai clar: "...I have made it a priority to enlist all elements of our national power in defense of our national security -- our diplomacy and development, our economic might and our moral example, because one of the best ways to lead our troops wisely is to prevent the conflicts that cost American blood and treasure tomorrow."

3. Mai apoi, le dă unora veşti proaste: "And the American people must know that we will move forward with our strategy. We will begin removing our combat brigades from Iraq later this year. We will remove all our combat brigades by the end of next August. And we will remove all our troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. And for America, the Iraq war will end."

4. Îi dă o veste proastă şi lui Osama Bin-Laden: "By moving forward in Iraq, we're able to refocus on the war against al Qaeda and its extremist allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. That's why I announced a new, comprehensive strategy in March -- a strategy that recognizes that al Qaeda and its allies had moved their base from the remote, tribal areas -- to the remote, tribal areas of Pakistan. This strategy acknowledges that military power alone will not win this war -- that we also need diplomacy and development and good governance. And our new strategy has a clear mission and defined goals: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda and its extremist allies."

5. După care devine şi mai al naibii, de astă dată cu complexul militar-industrial: "So this is pretty straightforward: Cut the waste. Save taxpayer dollars. Support the troops. That's what we should be doing. (Applause.) The special interests, contractors, and entrenched lobbyists, they're invested in the status quo. And they're putting up a fight. But make no mistake, so are we. If a project doesn't support our troops, if it does not make America safer, we will not fund it. If a system doesn't perform, we will terminate it. (Applause.) And if Congress sends me a defense bill loaded with a bunch of pork, I will veto it. We will do right by our troops and taxpayers, and we will build the 21st century military that we need. (Applause.)"

Obama a anunţat, practic, sfârşitul expansionismului american tocmai în faţa celor care l-au făcut posibil...

Rupem postarea şi continuăm cu partea a 2-a mai sus.

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