marți, 18 august 2009

Expansionismul american, la final (partea a II-a)

Ce a afirmat Joseph Nye în interviul său publicat sub titlul "It Is Pointless to Talk to Al-Qaida" :

1. Îşi prezintă succint conceptul: "Every American president has three options. He can use force -- in other words, hard power -- to assert his interests, he can invest money or he can lead by attraction. The latter I call soft power, the appeal of American cultural values. I have never argued that the so-called hard-power instruments of a superpower -- the military, the intelligence services or economic sanctions -- can be replaced. It is all about the right mix of hard and soft power."

2. Zice ca recruţii tineri ai lui Bin-Laden pot fi seduşi cu soft power: "It is, of course, pointless to talk to al-Qaida. Their leaders cannot be attracted by American values. But the young people that Osama bin Laden wants to recruit for new terrorist attacks can be reached. That is where the soft power comes in."

3. Indică sursele de soft power, prilej cu care îl ia în şuturi pe GW Bush: "It comes from three main sources: One is the culture of a country -- in the case of America, that ranges from Harvard to Hollywood. Second, political values can be very attractive for other countries, from democracy to freedom of speech to opportunity. And the third one is the legitimacy of a country's foreign policy -- meaning that if your foreign policy is considered to be legitimate by other nations, you are more persuasive. Conversely, a foreign policy that is seen as illegitimate, as was the case under George W. Bush, destroys the power of values and culture."

4. Nu uită nici el complexul militar-industrial: "Our foreign policy has been over-militarized. Even Secretary of Defense Robert Gates criticized that most resources went straight to the Pentagon."

5. La întrebarea dacă Obama e un tip prea "soft", Nye răspunde: "If you have grown up in Chicago politics, you understand hard power versus soft power. Obama can be hard and soft." Nasol...

6. În final, Nye asigură lumea că exportul american de frică va fi sistat: "I think that America should find its interests in ways which are more consistent with the interests of other countries, which are things that are good for us but also good for others. That will make Americans exporters of hope again, not exporters of fear."

Şi acum, un comentariu în partea a 3-a şi ultima.

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