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Europa e doar şmecheră în relaţia cu Iranul

Nu o zic eu, ci un francez care se pricepe la problemele energetice globale. Îl cheamă Pierre Noël şi are o fişă personală la

Într-un articol publicat pe blogul soţilor Leverett, francezul susţine că, prin OK-ul dat sancţiunilor ONU împotriva Teheranului, europenii doar se prefac că sunt ai dracu' cu Iranul (asta ca să scape de gura cui ştim noi), şi îşi urmăresc propriile interese, în condiţiile în care resursele iraniene pot fi o contrapondere la presiunea şi greutatea petrolului şi gazelor puse insistent de Rusia pe masa Uniunii Europene:

"The bottom line is that European countries have very little to lose materially from being tough on Iran. The idea that Iran would save Europe from Russia’s gas grip if only we could do business with the Islamic Republic is factually wrong, and the issues around Russian gas are not perceived that way in most of Europe anyway. European energy companies and key EU member states are actually busy helping Russia bypass Ukraine rather than scrambling to sign contracts east of Turkey.

Thus, the first element of an explanation to why Europe is getting tougher and tougher on Iran—on top of the fact that there is genuine and widely shared concern in Europe about the future of nuclear non-proliferation—is that those sanctions do not have any significant material cost. But Europe also has a lot to gain politically from being ahead of the pack on sanctioning Iran. This allows European countries to show complete solidarity with the United States on the top item on Obama’s foreign policy agenda, at a time when Europe is marginalized in U.S. foreign policy and criticized by the Obama administration for not doing enough in Afghanistan. Furthermore, it helps Europe balance its increasingly critical attitude towards Israel. Finally, one should keep the wider context in mind: for a Europe that is battling economic dislocation internally and political irrelevance externally, any issue that allows EU member states to present a united front and make Europe exist on the world stage looks like a gift from heaven. The Iranian nuclear issue is exactly that—at least as long as there is not real risk of a military confrontation."

Frumoase consideraţii.

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