vineri, 27 august 2010

O femeie anti-vedetă şi o carte de Andrew Bacevich...

...sunt cele două forme de viaţă pe care le-aş lua cu mine pe o insulă.

Cărţile lui Bacevich sunt vii, respiră şi seduc prin inegalabilul lor bun-simţ şi prin luciditatea autorului lor - un american care (altfel decât teoreticienii şi comentatorii liberali-radicali ai momentului din SUA) nu simte impulsul să-şi înjure ţara pentru a o supune unei critici inteligente.

Cea mai recentă lucrare semnată de Andrew Bacevich, "Washington Rules", e pe drum...

Mai jos e un scurt extras din eseul introductiv al cărţii reprodus pe Huffington Post, cu titlul The Unmaking of a Company Man: An Education Begun in the Shadow of the Brandenburg Gate:

"George W. Bush’s decision to launch Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 pushed me fully into opposition. Claims that once seemed elementary -- above all, claims relating to the essentially benign purposes of American power -- now appeared preposterous. The contradictions that found an ostensibly peace-loving nation committing itself to a doctrine of preventive war became too great to ignore. The folly and hubris of the policy makers who heedlessly thrust the nation into an ill-defined and open-ended “global war on terror” without the foggiest notion of what victory would look like, how it would be won, and what it might cost approached standards hitherto achieved only by slightly mad German warlords. During the era of containment, the United States had at least maintained the pretense of a principled strategy; now, the last vestiges of principle gave way to fantasy and opportunism. With that, the worldview to which I had adhered as a young adult and carried into middle age dissolved completely."

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