joi, 31 ianuarie 2013

România? Nu. Doar Tunisia

Lucrez tot cu materialul clientului - David Sanger, corespondentul-şef de la Washington al lui New York Times, şi al său deja bestseller Confront and Conceal. Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power. 

La paginile 284-285, Sanger redă conţinutul unei turnătorii critice din partea ambasadorului SUA la Tunis, către Departamentul de Stat, despre tipul pe lângă care fusese acreditat: protejatul local, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Iată turnătoria, foarte miştocărească, de altfel:

"In a June 2008 cable wonderfully entitled "What's Yours Is Mine" (Who said diplomats have no sense of humor?), the American ambassador at the time, Robert Godec, wrote, "Whether it's cash, services, land, property, or yes, even your yacht, President Ben Ali's family is rumored to covet it and reportedly gets what it wants." He wasn't kidding about the yacht: Ben Ali's nephews had, in fact, expropriated the beautiful pleasure craft of a French businessman. 


In the summer of 2011, Ben Gharbia [un fel de Assange tunisian, care a lansat produsul Tunileaks - nota mea] told me that "translating the cables was crucial to us", not because they revealed anything new, but because they confirmed the country's worst suspicions. "Tunisians knew the basic information in the cables, of course", he said. "It was obvious. But they didn't know the Americans knew it too. And when they read the cables, they no longer believed the Americans supported the regime. It brought the middle class out, and then other who are wealthy. They thought that without the United States, Ben Ali was very vulnerable."

Umor diplomatic...

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